Time to vote!

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vote todayIn areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy, there may be changes to official polling locations that are not reflected in online tools. Be sure to check with your local elections office for updates to polling sites.

If you need a little push before heading to the polls, watch JFK ask every American to turn out and vote and a fourth grade class implore you to "vote for somebody".

As the results unfold, find out about turnout with the CNN National Exit Poll (click the Exit Poll tab), CIRCLE - Civic Youth, and Pew Hispanic. Learn more about the national exit poll.  

Be prepared to assist and encourage voters today. Voters are more likely to participate if they believe turnout will be high, and your reminders can convince people to head to the polls.

Advertise polling hours prominently on your website and in your lobby. Find yours with our 50 state map.

Use the tools below to equip voters with the information necessary to ensure they successfully cast a ballot.

Check Your Registration:

Wondering if and where you're registered to vote?

National Hotlines:

If you aren't near a computer and need voting information, call a national hotline for assistance. They are also a great resource if you have trouble casting your ballot.

Contact your local elections office for help or with questions.

And for more!

On Election Day, don't hesitate to call your local elections office with questions or concerns. Find yours. 

Today  voters will decide the fate of 176 ballot measures in 38 states. They cover a range of issues including taxes and revenue, immigrant rights, public services, criminal justice, voter ID requirements, and same-sex marriage.

While nonprofits cannot endorse or oppose candidates for office, they can engage their communities around ballot measures. Remember, ballot measures are laws, not candidates and activity for or against a ballot measure is considered lobbying not electioneering. Therefore, you can:

  1. Take a stand on a ballot measure and encourage a "yes" or "no" vote.
  2. Provide neutral information on a ballot measure explaining what a "yes" or "no" vote means as a nonpartisan education activity.

The Children's Mental Health Network is a proud partner with Nonprofit Vote and can now make available to you a wide variety of resources to help you get out the vote. Check out what's available below and get busy!

Voters need a reason to go to the polls, and you can give them one by talking about the ballot measures under consideration. Encourage voters to turnout by reminding them that they can have a direct impact on these issues simply by voting. Find out what's on your ballot by contacting your local elections office for a sample ballot.

Need other ideas? Download 10 Things to Do Between Now and Election Day.

Please help us spread the word about the importance of ballot measures--feel free to use the sample tweets and Facebook post below!

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