Hey local nonprofits, time to get out the vote!

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voteNetwork faithful who are a part of their own local or state nonprofit need to get busy helping to get out the vote for a most important election. Nonprofits in all 50 states are mobilizing their communities to vote in 2012. You can too--try out the ideas below that come to us from the good folks at nonprofitvote.org. Remember, 501(c)(3) nonprofits can't support candidates, but you sure can support voting! Join the nonprofit campaign to support voting November 6th.

And then be sure to watch the video below from "L.O.V.E - Let One Voice Emerge" - a non-partisan campaign to reach out to the largest group of non-voters in America — nearly 20 million unmarried women — and to support the important work of The Voter Participation Center and their partners.


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