Heroes of Hope Flickr Challenge 2012

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Looking for an activity to get youth in your community involved in Awareness Day 2012?

Youth across the country can join the Heroes of Hope Flickr Challenge by uploading a photo of their hero to Flickr.com. The top photos will be linked to from SAMHSA’s Awareness Day Web page, www.samhsa.gov/children, starting in June.

How do I enter?
From April 2 through May 31, upload a photo of your hero to Flickr.com using the tag “Heroes of Hope” and set the license of the photo to “Creative Commons” so that the photo can be used by the Caring for Every Child’s Mental Health Campaign for Awareness Day related activities and events.

Youth can upload a photo of their hero, a photo with their hero, or a creative photo of a landscape or object that represents their hero. The photo caption should describe why that person is their hero.

Challenge Rules

  • It is recommended that youth under the age of 13 do not upload photos without parental consent.
  • Before uploading a photo, make sure to get permission from every person featured in the photo.
  • Personal information, including full names, addresses, and phone numbers of the people in the photo should not be included in the photo or caption. Photos that include personal information in the caption will not be considered.

If you have questions about the Heroes of Hope Flickr Challenge, email AwarenessDay2012@vancomm.com.


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