Health Reform to Require Insurers to Use Plain Language in Describing Health Plan Benefits, Coverage

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HHS announced yesterday that people in the market for health insurance will soon have clear, understandable and straightforward information on what health plans will cover, what limitations or conditions will apply, and what they will pay for services thanks to the Affordable Care Act. This is important news for Children's Mental Health Network followers. Imagine a health benefits plan that provides concise and comprehensible information about mental health plan benefits and coverage! The new rules will also make it easier for people and employers to directly compare one plan to another.

From the HHS press release

Why this development is important to the Children's Mental Health Network

This is just one of example of how the structure of the Affordable Care Act provides a great opportunity for education about the type of mental health services and supports that we know work for youth and families. But structure is not enough - those who make decisions about what gets funded need to better understand and support the inclusion of a wide array of mental health benefits and an expanded work force to carry them out.


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