Gun Violence Prevention Task Force leadership announced

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Following the tragic events in Newton, CT, California Congressman Mike Thompson was asked to chair the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force and since then has selected 12 Members of Congress to serve as vice chairs. The Task Force has already met and has begun the planning of various briefings on Capitol Hill related to this critical issue. Network faithful are advised to pay attention to who the Vice Chairs are. If they represent your state then you know what to do. Call them!

Here is the press release:
Gun Violence Prevention Task Force Chair Rep. Mike Thompson Announces Task Force Vice Chairs
WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Mike Thompson (CA-5), chair of a congressional Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, today announced 12 vice chairs to serve on the task force. The vice chairs and Thompson will make up the task force’s leadership team.

“I am proud to announce our leadership team for the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force,” said Thompson. “Our vice chairs have a wide range of expertise, come from different backgrounds representing all corners of the House Democratic Caucus, and will bring unique ideas to the table as we work to reduce and prevent gun violence while also protecting the rights of law-abiding individuals without a history of dangerous mental illness to own legitimate firearms for legitimate purposes.”

Thompson was recently named by House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to chair a congressional task force on reducing and preventing gun violence. Thompson is a hunter, gun owner, former chair of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus, and veteran who carried a military-style assault weapon during a tour in Vietnam.

The 12 Vice Chairs are:

Over the next month the task force will hold a number of meetings and hearings with different experts designed to identify the best policies to reduce and prevent gun violence. A comprehensive set of policy proposals will be released by the task force in early February.


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