Funding available for seven Statewide Family Network grants

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SAMHSA has officially announced the availability of $440,000 to fund 7 Statewide Family Network Grants ($60,000 each with two having the ability to obtain an additional $10,000 for a youth leadership component).  Applications are due by May 18, 2012 and can be found here.

The purpose of this program is to enhance State capacity and infrastructure to be more oriented to the needs of children and adolescents with serious emotional disturbances and their families by providing information, referrals, and support to families who have a child with a serious emotional disturbance, and to create a mechanism for families to participate in State and local mental health services planning and policy development.

SAMHSA is limiting eligibility to family-controlled1 domestic public and private nonprofit organizations in States, Territories, and Tribes. A primary goal of this program is to strengthen the capacity of families with children who have a serious emotional disturbance to act as agents of transformation in influencing the type and amount of services provided to them and their children and to ensure their mental health care is family driven and youth guided. Therefore, only family controlled organizations are eligible to apply.

Family-controlled organizations must meet the following requirements:

In order to strengthen new networks and broaden the impact of this program throughout the nation, SAMHSA is limiting one award per State, Territory or Tribe.

Current Statewide Family Network grantees whose funding ends in FY 2013 are not eligible to apply under this funding announcement (see Appendix K of the RFA).

A family-controlled organization is an organization that has a Board of Directors made up of more than 50% family members who have primary daily responsibility for the raising of a child, youth, adolescent or young adult with a serious emotional disturbance up to age 18, or 21 if the adolescent is being served by an Individual Educational Plan (IEP), or age 26 if the young adult is being served by an Individual Service plan in transition to the adult mental health system.

Note to Network members:
According to our calculations that means that family organizations from the following states can apply:
(check with the federal project officer overseeing the grants before you start filling out the paperwork just to be sure!)

States with Statewide Family Network grants ending September 2012

Other states that are eligible to apply:

Others Eligible to apply:

For all the details and to verify that your state, tribe or territory is eligible to apply, contact:

Elizabeth Sweet
Child, Adolescent and Family Branch
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
1 Choke Cherry Road Room
Room 6-1052
Rockville, Maryland 20857
(240) 276-1925


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    Scott Bryant-Comstock
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    Hi Pat and Angela. It appears that neither Iowa, Nebraska or New York are eligible for this round but by all means, give Liz Sweet a call to make sure. She can be reached at (240) 276-1925.
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    Pat Savino
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    Is a New York non-profit eligible to apply for a Family network Grant?

    Pat Savino, Outreach Coordinato
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    Angela stokes
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    Is Iowa or Nebraska eligible to apply?
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