Executive directors of family-run organizations form dynamic new national organization

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fredlaExecutive directors of successful family-run organizations announce they have formed a new national organization focused on children’s mental health. FREDLA, Family-Run Executive Director Leadership Association, is organized by seasoned and experienced Executive Directors with many years of expertise in running family organizations in cities and states across America. Collectively, they have built new organizations, increased business opportunities at local and state levels, and achieved a national presence for policy, program and funding to the benefit of families and youth in their state, as well as informing key program and practice levels of others.

Less than a year ago, leaders from more than a dozen family-run organizations began discussing the framework for a new organization. They recognized the need for a strong national organization to create a network for collaboration and impact policy. “Powerful national leadership for children’s mental health which both represents and benefits the state organizations is essential,” says Hugh Davis, a member of FREDLA’s executive committee.

Children’s mental health systems at the national, state and local levels have increasingly supported the notion of family and youth support as an integral part of our child serving systems. For over 20 years, family-run organizations have had enormous impact with the formation of non-profit, free standing organizations that are focused on serving the needs of families and youth experiencing significant mental health challenges through support, education and systems transformation.

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, shifts in state and federal funding and a new national awareness of the importance of children’s mental health, FREDLA is ready to assist its member organizations. “How we deliver health care in America is changing rapidly and children’s mental health is no different,” says Lisa Lambert, FREDLA Vice-President. “FREDLA is poised to ensure that the best practices of family-run organizations in each state are highlighted and given needed support and recognition.”

Members of FREDLA are family-run organizations and currently include representation from Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina and Wisconsin.

For more information, contact Tom Dillingham, FREDLA Board President by phone 720-855-3493, or by email, tdillingham@coloradofederation.org.


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    Stan Bills
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    There has been wonderful growth and development of the family organizations in Nebraska, and I believe much of the credit needs to go to the State Leadership in Nebraska. Credit goes to families who choose to become involved and advocate for their children as well.
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    lisa lambert
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    Many of the important changes in health care are taking place at the state level. We need strong family run organizations to partner and be sure that the perspective of families and youth is front and center. FREDLA supports those family-run organizations, not just families.
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