Four ways sequester is worse in 2014

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The Coalition for Health Funding has shared with us some great information from the Center for American Progress. The Center has put out two good resources about how sequestration is even worse in 2014.

From the introduction to the report:



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    Scott Bryant-Comstock
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    Rick - We welcome all perspectives. Send your recommendations for the counterargument to this sequestration report and we would be happy to cover it.
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    Rick Hunnewell,PhD
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    I have been accused before when I criticized a policy, etc. of "shooting the messenger". Well in the case of the article regarding sequestration in 2014, the major source of info for the article is from the Center for American Progress. I wonder how many individuals know the political agenda and where the funding comes from for this organization. It is as noted the "Center For American Progress". The N.Y. Times (hardly a conservative news source) reported in a 2003 article, that J. Podesta founded the C.A.P.and it's "goal is to build an organization to rethink the very idea of liberalism, a reproduction of liberalism, a reproduction in a mirror image of the conservative think tanks that have dominated this countries political dialogue for a generation". On their web page the CAP cites the infamous ultra radical left winger, George Soros as a major individual contributor. C.A.P. also has connections and joint projects with "Media Matters" another far left organization.

    Please don't represent yourselves as a bipartsian organization and print an article where all of the information was taken from far left organizations.

    Shame on you.
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