Family glitch in health law could be painful

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Thanks to our friends at First Focus for sharing this important article with us.

USA Today published a headline article, 'Family glitch' in health law could be painful that is worth reading. The 'family glitch' makes it that much more important lawmakers secure and invest in the Children's Health Insurance Program to keep our kids insured, something First Focus is working hard every day to do.

When Congress defined affordable health coverage as part of the Affordable Care Act, it forgot to include families. So a plan is "affordable" if it is 9.5 percent or less of the individual plan offered by the employer. But children's advocates know that family coverage costs about three times more. This glitch could leave up to 500,000 children without coverage.

Will you join the Children's Mental Health Network, First Focus and others in taking action today to stand up for our kids by sharing this article with your friends and colleagues? Please, forward this email or join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #InvestInKids.


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