Family Checkup

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familycheckupDrug addiction often starts in the teen years, and research shows that parents are crucial in keeping their kids from starting on drugs. But parents may have some questions – notably, how to do it.

The National Institutes of Health has developed a Web tool called Family Checkup, to support them with some things that can work. The tool is based on five skills: good communication between parents and children, how to encourage positive behavior, ways to work together to solve problems, setting limits, and ensuring adequate supervision.

Check it out here.


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    Check ups are fine but parents also need to understand the availability and addictiveness of the opioids that are so liberally given by dentists and physicians for pain. These drugs are lethal when taken in combination with alcohol. Unfortunately, young adults who have "good communication" with adults, including their parents, sometimes still miscalculate that this combination is not lethal. Too many of them never wake up from that after partying nap.
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