Families Rising - How one community takes a family-driven approach

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Pat Baker of Baker Squared, LLC and Elaine Slaton of Slaton Associates have developed an engaging video showcasing the excellent family-driven work being done by families and providers involved with the System of Care site in Saginaw, Michigan.

The video provides an exploration of four community-wide traits supportive of a family-driven system of care. (1) Leaders consider it an honor & a privilege to serve children, youth & families. (2) Providers, policy makers & agency leaders value and rely on the experiential knowledge & expertise of families to make things better. (3) Each person works hard to suspend blame & judgement, while consciously recognizing one another as fully human - with vulnerabilities, flaws & strengths. (4) Families are committed to improving their community.


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    George Patrin
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    It would be great to ask the clinical leaders in this community how they re-interpret HIPAA to allow for informed sharing of information rather than hiding behind HIPAA as a means to withhold information and protect the practice. Since Andrew's death by suicide I have realized we never ask our patients "Who is your "Family"? Who wold we call if you were unable to speak for yourself due to a medical condition, auto accident, or depression?" This should be done on the first visit and the 'safety net' of volunteers called to verify POC info so it is available should our client not show for the next planned intervention or be available for the scheduled call. This doesn't necessarily mean the "Family" will be blood relatives, but in the case of Andrew, a call to us would have saved his life for another day. I suspect the suicide stats for this community are very low, as they are with the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit.
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    Scott Haven
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    Looks like some great work being done in Saginaw.
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    Jean houston
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    Very good video with a great message.

    Jean Houston
    Clermont county, ohio
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