Eyes Turn To Arkansas for innovative Medicaid savings strategy

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arkansasHats off to Arkansas for what hopefully will be an innovative approach to addressing the Medicaid/Affordable Care Act conundrum. They are implementing the Health Care Payment Improvement Initiative - "a shared-savings plan that begins to move the state and private insurance market away from a traditional fee-for-service payment system, to one in which providers are paid based on how well they deliver care and manage their costs. But it isn't a move toward managed-care, either. Instead, it's taking the health care delivery system that is already in place and adding new incentives and accountability."

What the Network finds exciting is that here is a state that is basically saying, "Okay, everyone (insurance, state, providers) in the room so we can figure out a way to save money and still provide quality care. If successful, experts say the state's Medicaid program could save about $4.4 million in FY 2013 and $9.3 million in 2014. Bottom line? Treat patients well while at the same time saving money. It will be important for Network faithful in Arkansas to follow this initiative closely to see how it plays out for children with emotional challenges and their families.

Read the KHN story here.


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