Upcoming NWI webinar on EBT's within wraparound

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This webinar will present an overview of the relevance and alignment of Evidence Based Practices (EBTs) to wraparound care coordination and systems of care more broadly. It will then go on to provide examples of how local systems have ensured that youth with complex needs have access to EBTs within a wraparound context. Examples will include: (1) building comprehensive multi-modal EBTs such as Multisystemic Therapy (MST) into a continuum of care, (2) training clinicians to use flexible approaches to EBT within wraparound teamwork, and (3) supporting family and youth peer support partners and natural supports to serve as "care extenders" for EBT as part of wraparound planning.

About the presenter
John Ossowski, MS, LMSW, is a graduate of the State University of New York and Portland State University. John earned his MSW from Portland State, specializing in community-based practice and social sustainability. His career has bridged the fields of education and social work with at-risk, underrepresented youth. He views the National Wraparound Initiative through a sustainability lens because of the Initiative’s focus on the self-determination and well-being of future generations – both primary requirements for a sustainable society. 


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