New documentary to get young people, communities talking about mental health

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When the Mask Comes Off, produced by the youth media organization Generation Justice, is a video documentary featuring young people from New Mexico discussing their experiences of living with mental illness. We hear stories of struggle on their journey from misperception and alienation toward self-acceptance and healing. The documentary comes with adaptable discussion guides for use in communities and schools. 

Generation Justice Executive Director Roberta Rael said, "We want to make sure that young people have a voice in the discussions about mental health and that young people contribute to the change that is needed." 

Before promoting this video the Children's Mental Health Network asked Youth M.O.V.E. Oregon to review the film and provide commentary. Thanks Youth M.O.V.E. Oregon! Here is a sampling of responses:

 Learn more about the project, view the full video and download the discussion guides.


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    Poignant and powerful. Plan to use it with both our youth outreach in schools, as well as in our community conversations.
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