Children's Leadership Council Releases Child Well-being Poll

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clcTo secure a better future for our children, Americans strongly support increased government spending on children and child well-being policies according to a poll released by the Children’s Leadership Council today. The findings show:

These findings are timely, coming as they do in a year of national elections. And more immediately, during a period when the majority of American families are contending with growing inequality and stagnant wages and Congress is working on Fiscal Year 2017 appropriations.

To make it easy to share this information, the CLC and our partners at SparkAction have created resources for use in educating the public, the media, elected officials, and candidates, including:

These and more are available at

America’s babies, children and youth need, and will continue to need, advocates and allies who are willing to speak up for them and their families. To that end, the poll and new resources can help all of us a) build support for federal investments in child and youth programs both now and leading up to the election, b) rebut the anti-federal spending rhetoric that is likely to be frequently heard in the days and months ahead and c) contribute to ongoing media reports on poverty, inequality and our nation’s economy.

If you have any questions, or would like additional information on the poll, please contact the Children’s Leadership Council at


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