Child Mind Institute Tackles the Challenge of the "Tweens"

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childmindThe teenage years tend to elicit more concern on the part of parents, but the pre-teen years are actually an equally dramatic stage in a child’s development. Kids between the ages of 8 and 12 are already beginning to experience some pretty major shifts: their bodies are changing, they start caring more about what their peers think and they’re becoming more independent from mom and dad. The tween years are also when many kids get their first phone, which has become a major rite of passage. Parents can do a lot to help support tweens as they begin this new chapter — and lay the groundwork for healthy communication during the teenage years.

This week, the Child Mind Institute is offering a roundup of some of their best articles about pre-teens. You’ll see tween parenting tips, ideas for boosting self-esteem during a sensitive stage, advice about when to get that first phone and more. You’ll also see descriptions of social anxiety and OCD, since those are two disorders that often first appear during these years. 


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