Quick turnaround required for SAMHSA SOC grantee call for proposals

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This one is for SAMHSA System of Care grantees only!

The Call for Proposals for the tentatively scheduled Summer 2013 System of Care Community Training is now available. Please visit https://www.meetinglink.org/socproposal to submit a workshop proposal for the training.

As part of the proposal submission process, please submit a workshop abstract to be used in the training agenda as well as brief biographical sketches for each presenter on your team. You may find it helpful to compose your workshop abstract and biographical sketches in a word processing document prior to accessing the Web site and then pasting it into the appropriate field once you have logged onto the Web site. Your session on the proposal submission Web site will time out after 1.5 hours. When composing your workshop abstract, please note that your sessions should focus on how you have been able to effectively develop, implement, and expand systems of care and your efforts to ensure sustainability. Participants report that this "how to” approach is a key factor in their ability to replicate strategies within their home communities. The Call for Proposals outlines potential topics for workshops.

As part of its commitment to the core values of system of care philosophies, the TA Partnership requires that all proposal submissions include at least one family member, youth, or young adult on the team of presenters. Proposals that do not include one will be expected to give an explanation or rationale as to why one has not been identified or included as a team member. The family member, youth, or young adult should have a key role in writing your proposal and presenting the workshop. This should be reflected and demonstrated in a culturally appropriate manner on the proposal submission. The TA Partnership is available to support technical assistance requests related to meeting this requirement. For the purpose of this call for proposals, a family member is defined as an individual who has parented, is parenting, or has legal responsibility for a child/youth who is part of the system of care population of focus. A youth is defined as someone between the ages of 13 and 17 who has experience living with emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges. A young adult is defined as someone between the ages of 18 and 25 who has experience living with emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges. Please remember that your proposal may not be considered if a family, youth, or young adult co-presenter is not named on the proposal submission form.

If you would like to submit multiple proposals to be considered by the proposal review planning group, you are able to do so by registering a new username on the Website.

Once you submit your workshop proposal, you will receive an automated e-mail confirmation to verify the receipt of your proposal.

All proposals must be submitted by January 29, 2013. We apologize for the short notice. If you have any questions, please contact TAPtrainings@air.org. We look forward to receiving your proposals!



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