“Health Savings Accounts”? I Have Bingo!

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A perfect example of why we love the Kaiser Family Foundation. Not sure how they keep thinking up these innovative strategies to follow what's going on in the health care debates, but they have outdone themselves with DEBATO, a version of BINGO that you can play while watching the presidential debate tonight. Here is the text of their message and the game. Enjoy!

  • Here we go again (to paraphrase a memorable debate line).  It’s time for the first installment of this campaign’s presidential debates: Wednesday at 9 p.m Eastern we will all tune in to watch 90 minutes of President Barack Obama and former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney finding new and creative ways of deflecting criticism.

    Kaiser Health News feels your pain (so to speak).  And we’re here to help.  Jim Lehrer, the moderator of the debate, has promised to devote a segment to health policy issues.  There’s no better way to help you stay focused on the questions and answers than with a good, old fashioned game of BINGO.  Or in this case, DEBATE-O.

    The game card below is filled with terms that the two candidates might use to describe their own plans and to attack their opponent’s plans.  Each time you hear a word or phrase that’s on your game card, click on it.  The first to get five down, across or diagonally wins.

    Each time you reload this page, you’ll get a fresh game card, so don’t reload once the debate begins.

    Can’t play online?  We’ve made four printable game cards so that you can follow along the old fashioned way.

    Help us spread the word
    . And make sure that you and your friends load up DEBATE-O for tonight’s debate.

Our interactive DEBATE-O game is based on code written by Betsy Haibel and Elizabeth Yalkut and distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike License.


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