News from Senate Appropriations is good for CMHI

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The Senate Appropriations Committee report is now available and the news is good for the Child Mental Health Initiative. The Committee is rejecting the Administration proposal to slash funding for children's mental health services by 28 million and is instead, recommending that the 2012 level of 117 + million be maintained for 2013. Excellent work, Network faithful! You and countless others spoke out and your voices were heard. But this is only the beginning of the long march to ensuring that SAMHSA maintains a strong focus on supporting a network of community-based services for children and adolescents with serious emotional, behavioral, or mental disorders and their families. Read the pertinent text from the report here:

Children’s Mental Health Services (from the report)

Download the report here.

Next steps
This is an important victory for the Child Mental Health Initiative but only a beginning step in a very long process. This is not the time for complacency. The House discussion will begin any day now. We need everyone to get involved and share your voice with your elected representatives. Read Morning Zen to learn how.


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