APA focus on mental health needs of foster care youth

February 04, 2012

The current issue of the American Psychological Association’s CYF news is dedicated to providing a meaningful discussion of the myriad of issues related to the mental health of youth in foster care. It is not likely new information to find that youth in foster care are vulnerable to maladjustment given their exposure to both significant events that led to removal from their homes and the process itself of being in foster care. What is new perhaps is the fact that despite the clear and compelling evidence that youth in foster care demonstrate both short and long-term, clinically significant mental health problems, the process or systems created to meet the mental health need are rarely reviewed. The articles in the current newsletter are an attempt to encourage a dialog and synthesize what we know about the need for mental health care and how the current system of care addresses the mental health need of foster youth on both a direct care and policy level.

Read the Winter issue of CYF News here.

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