New tools available to facilitate research on the unique needs of Medicare-Medicaid enrollees

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Thanks to Allison Colker of SAMHSA for sharing this update. Get on it researchers!


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    I am in serious need of insurance. I have been denied medicaid because I am NOT 65, have dependents nor disabled. I am 63. I have actively looked for work but can not get a job alltho I have job skills. I am type 2 diabetic and have a current condidtion that normally requires hospitalization. I have Acute Pancreatitis, for the 4th time. The previous 3 times I had insurance and was hospitalized as I need to be on IVs and take nothing by mouth until this dangerous condition is cleared up. This time I was NOT hopsitalized as I have NO INSURANCE. I was not directly told this but given my past care with this condidtion, I have drawn this conclusion. The insuramce that has been offered to me, is NOT afforadable.I am 152% below poverty level as my monthly income is less than $1000. At this point, I dont know what to do..
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