Tough time for kids in Alabama

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Alabama's public health insurance program for children is taking a financial hit, meaning much less for children and families. Among other things, the Medicaid challenge we have been talking about for months (Medicaid payments that are so low, providers don't want to touch it) is impacting this once nationally recognized program. In the article it is pointed out that "Another potential cost-saving option -- moving ALL Kids out of its arrangement with Blue Cross Blue Shield and merging it into Medicaid -- ultimately was rejected... Medicaid's reimbursement rates are significantly lower than ALL Kids, which could have been another threat to access as doctors opted out of the program."

So there you have it. We have to think aggressively about how we as a nation are going to support the provision of high quality services to children with mental health challenges and their families. Don't be fooled into thinking that Medicaid alone is the answer.

Read the article here.


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