Advocates needed to participate in dissertation research study

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lizaHi, my name is Liza Long and I am a doctoral candidate at Argosy University Online working on a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership / Doctor of Business Administration degree. I am conducting a study entitled “Fault Lines: Five Factor Personality Styles and Leadership Priorities of Mental Health Advocates in the United States." The purpose of this study is to learn more about mental health advocates, their personality styles, and their leadership strengths.

I am seeking 250 advocates who meet the following criteria in order to participate in the study:

The participant’s name will not be used in the material write-up so there will be no manner of knowing from where the participant works nor will the particular organization’s name be shared in the material write-up. Participants will be given pseudonyms such as Participant 1, Participant 2, etc. Should organizational names emerge in the interviews, the organizations will be given pseudonyms as well such as Organization 1, Organization 2, etc. and only the principal researcher will know to which participant or organization the pseudonym aligns.

By participating in this study, the participant might contribute to new ideas about mental health advocates and leadership. Also, the participant will know that he/she has contributed to adding to the body of knowledge in Organizational Leadership.

An informed consent form will be presented ahead of the questionnaire and must be acknowledged prior to proceeding to the questionnaire.

Disclaimer: Any responses sent to the principal researcher via a potential participant’s work/organization email address will not be considered for the study. In addition, by responding to this posting, potential participants who become participants acknowledge that any responses made regarding the study are the participant’s personal opinions and are not the opinions of the participant’s employer organization. Participants further acknowledge understanding this study is not targeting any particular organization but is seeking industry knowledge from professionals in the industry.


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    I would be happy to help with the survey.
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