ACA to-do list for advocates

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Starting in 2014, the Affordable Care Act must be fully implemented, which means the coming year will be critical in ensuring not only states’ readiness for 2014, but that the law is implemented in the most effective and consumer-friendly way possible. To help you in this work, Families USA has released two new pieces:

The To-Do List outlines key issues to focus your work on this year including:

Consumer-Friendly Standards for Qualified Health Plans in Exchanges: Examples from the States is a helpful resource for advocates in states where exchanges are currently in the process of establishing the consumer protection and quality standards that “qualified health plans” (QHPs) sold in the new insurance exchanges must meet. The report provides examples of consumer-friendly QHP standards from eight state-based exchanges and one partnership exchange state. We urge you to look closely at this brief if you are working on issues like provider network adequacy, health plan standardization, quality reporting, or other key issues that will determine whether health plans in the exchange will meet the needs of consumers and small businesses.


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