Where's Your Ribbon?

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Hats off to Linette Murphy of the Parent Professional Advocacy League (PPAL) for an ingenious campaign for Children's Mental Health Awareness Week. Last year during last year's Children's Mental Health Awareness Month she started a Facebook Group called "Where's Your Ribbon" and challenged members to post pictures of where they were and what they were doing while wearing their green ribbon for Children's Mental Health.  Friends posted various pictures from around town and then as people joined and the word spread; soon they were getting pictures from all over the US and then from foreign countries including Greece, Germany, Canada, India, Bermuda, the UK, Australia, and Bosnia.  Some people were even getting local businesses to paint big green ribbons on their storefront windows!

shirtShe is doing it again this year and is working overtime posting news stories that come in highlighting where green ribbons are being displayed. Currently, there are 499 members in the Facebook group and growing daily. Network faithful are encouraged to visit the Facebook page and be a part of letting the world know where your ribbon is! Join the group and add to the conversation.

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Visit the group Facebook page here


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    Contact the National Federation at 240-403-1901.
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    Where can I get ribbons??
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