Realigning Health with Care

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Just released is the Summer issue of the Stanford Innovation Review. This issue has a great article by Rebecca Onie, Paul Farmer, & Heidi Behforouz called Realigning Health with Care. In the article the authors make the case that "through expanding the scope of health care, the place where it is delivered, and the workforce that provides it, the US health care system could significantly improve health outcomes and reduce inefficiencies." 

Consider the following findings from the article:

Given these sobering statistics, the article goes on to encourage us to think about how to broaden the definitions of what is offered (product), where services are offered (place) and who provides the service (provider).

And then it adds a kicker that system of care communities know all too well - Medicaid reimbursement for the type of services recommended in the article are woefully nonexistent.

From the article:

Straight out of the system of care playbook, folks. Read the article and look for the parallels. It will help you as you prepare to be involved with leading the way in designing services in the new era of health care reform. Download the article here.


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