One mother's words: Our kids need to talk about mental health

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One of the CMHNetwork's key collaborators for Children's Mental Health Awareness Week, Mary Jacksteit of Creating Community Solutions has written a heartfelt blog article on MomsRising: 


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    Mary. I must comment...sorry it took me so long. Not only do we need to find, and create, ways for our kids to talk about mental illness and mental health, behavior, but we also need to convince our neighbors it's right and good and true to talk about this in public! Break the silence! The ongoing stream of high school suicides in all our communities is appalling; worse yet is the apathy in reporting them and rising up to do something about them. We ache together. Creating a national dialogue on mental health will require collaboration with our legal colleagues to remove the shield of HIPAA from getting help for a teen in distress, too. It must be OK to talk about mental health. Thank you for what you are doing to remove barriers to sharing.
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