Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act hearing tomorrow - Action needed today!

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The Subcommittee on Health, chaired by Rep. Joe Pitts (R-PA), has scheduled a hearing for Thursday, April 3, 2014, at 10:30 a.m. to focus on the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act

(Excerpt from the Murphy press release) "Subcommittee members will review H.R. 3717, the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act, legislation introduced by Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations Chairman Tim Murphy (R-PA). The legislation seeks to improve access to and delivery of psychiatric care for patients and families most in need of services... It would address the psychiatric inpatient bed shortage, offer more alternatives to institutionalization, encourage greater research and innovation in treating serious mental illness, and address the issue of those with mental illnesses in the criminal justice system. The Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee recently held a hearing to review the lack of access to psychiatric beds for the seriously mentally ill."

Unfortunately, many of the strategies suggested set the progress made in children's mental health services and specifically family and youth voice back 30 years.

The Children's Mental Health Network has detailed this proposed legislation in several entries on the website (December 13, 2013December 15, 2013March 1, 2013, and have identified several critical challenges with the way the current language in current proposal is written.

The Children's Mental Health Network joins the Bazelon Center for Mental Health in encouraging constituents to contact their representatives to share their thoughts on this proposal today!

Take Action! Use our PopVox feature to contact your representative directly from our website.

Listed below is a list of current cosponsors. If anything, we need Network faithful living in the Districts below to contact their representatives today.

CosponsorDate Cosponsored
Rep. Cassidy, Bill [R-LA-6]* 12/12/2013
Rep. Lance, Leonard [R-NJ-7]* 12/12/2013
Rep. Johnson, Eddie Bernice [D-TX-30]* 12/12/2013
Rep. Fortenberry, Jeff [R-NE-1] 12/16/2013
Rep. Stivers, Steve [R-OH-15] 12/16/2013
Rep. Ellmers, Renee L. [R-NC-2] 12/16/2013
Rep. Terry, Lee [R-NE-2] 12/16/2013
Rep. Roe, David P. [R-TN-1] 12/19/2013
Rep. Thompson, Glenn [R-PA-5] 01/03/2014
Rep. Loebsack, David [D-IA-2] 01/03/2014
Rep. Fitzpatrick, Michael G. [R-PA-8] 01/03/2014
Rep. Cole, Tom [R-OK-4] 01/08/2014
Rep. Meehan, Patrick [R-PA-7] 01/08/2014
Rep. Crawford, Eric A. "Rick" [R-AR-1] 01/08/2014
Rep. Miller, Candice S. [R-MI-10] 01/08/2014
Rep. Shuster, Bill [R-PA-9] 01/08/2014
Rep. Kelly, Mike [R-PA-3] 01/09/2014
Rep. Coffman, Mike [R-CO-6] 01/09/2014
Rep. Turner, Michael R. [R-OH-10] 01/09/2014
Rep. Vargas, Juan [D-CA-51] 01/09/2014
Rep. Roskam, Peter J. [R-IL-6] 01/09/2014
Rep. Salmon, Matt [R-AZ-5] 01/13/2014
Rep. Benishek, Dan [R-MI-1] 01/13/2014
Rep. Gerlach, Jim [R-PA-6] 01/14/2014
Rep. Olson, Pete [R-TX-22] 01/15/2014
Rep. Capito, Shelley Moore [R-WV-2] 01/15/2014
Rep. Calvert, Ken [R-CA-42] 01/16/2014
Rep. Brooks, Susan W. [R-IN-5] 01/16/2014
Rep. Hartzler, Vicky [R-MO-4] 01/27/2014
Rep. King, Peter T. [R-NY-2] 01/29/2014
Rep. Dent, Charles W. [R-PA-15] 01/29/2014
Rep. Michaud, Michael H. [D-ME-2] 01/31/2014
Rep. Griffin, Tim [R-AR-2] 02/03/2014
Rep. Long, Billy [R-MO-7] 02/03/2014
Rep. Jackson Lee, Sheila [D-TX-18] 02/05/2014
Rep. Paulsen, Erik [R-MN-3] 02/10/2014
Rep. Whitfield, Ed [R-KY-1] 02/10/2014
Rep. Bera, Ami [D-CA-7] 02/10/2014
Rep. Walorski, Jackie [R-IN-2] 02/11/2014
Rep. Mullin, Markwayne [R-OK-2] 02/11/2014
Rep. Johnson, Bill [R-OH-6] 03/06/2014
Rep. Schweikert, David [R-AZ-6] 03/06/2014
Rep. Rothfus, Keith J. [R-PA-12] 03/11/2014
Rep. Brown, Corrine [D-FL-5] 03/14/2014
Rep. Hastings, Alcee L. [D-FL-20] 03/14/2014
Rep. Wilson, Joe [R-SC-2] 03/14/2014
Rep. Nunes, Devin [R-CA-22] 03/24/2014
Rep. McKinley, David B. [R-WV-1] 03/26/2014
Rep. Clay, Wm. Lacy [D-MO-1] 03/27/2014
Rep. Moore, Gwen [D-WI-4] 03/27/2014
Rep. Christensen, Donna M. [D-VI-At Large] 03/27/2014
Rep. Richmond, Cedric L. [D-LA-2] 03/27/2014
Rep. Jeffries, Hakeem S. [D-NY-8] 03/27/2014
Rep. Bishop, Sanford D., Jr. [D-GA-2] 03/27/2014
Rep. Veasey, Marc A. [D-TX-33] 03/27/2014
Rep. Grimm, Michael G. [R-NY-11] 03/27/2014
Rep. Rush, Bobby L. [D-IL-1] 03/27/2014
Rep. Norton, Eleanor Holmes [D-DC-At Large] 03/27/2014
Rep. Carson, Andre [D-IN-7] 03/27/2014
Rep. Sewell, Terri A. [D-AL-7]


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