60 Minutes interview with Obama & Romney

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"Knowledge is power" is one of our favorite refrains. Take some time to watch the 60 Minutes interview with the Democratic and Republican contenders for President. Pay particular attention to their takes on people who do not have insurance and health care reform in general. The impact on children and families will be significant. For example, candidate Romney, when talking about the uninsured, stated that no one wants to leave Americans to “die” when struck with something like a heart attack.

If you read Friday Update weekly you know that the challenge of utilizing emergency rooms for care is central to how health care reform unfolds, no matter which political party inhabits the White House in 2013. Take a look at our review of Jonathan Gruber's book on health care reform to help you better understand the intricacies of the argument on both sides of the aisle, and another story of communities taking the bull by the horns.

Download the text of the interview here.

Watch the video from Sunday night:


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