24-Hour Mobile Mental Health Crisis Team Reduces Hospitalization for Children with Complex Behavioral and Emotional Needs

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Nice to see Wraparound Milwaukee featured in an AHRQ Innovation Profile for their model Mobile Urgent Treatment Team. The Mobile Urgent Treatment Team (MUTT) is a multidisciplinary team that provides 24-hour crisis intervention services to families in the Milwaukee area. The team defuses crisis situations and helps to find community services for the child and family as an alternative to institutionalization. The program, which is popular among both police and parents, has significantly reduced the need for hospitalization for children and adolescents after a crisis situation.

It's hard to argue with success
MUTT has significantly reduced the use and costs of inpatient psychiatric facilities for children with complex needs who face a crisis situation; both police and parents are satisfied with the program.

Read the full Innovation brief here.

Contact Dr. Morano for more information here:


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    Contact Dr Morano - See his contact information above.
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    Is this where I contact the 24 Hour Mobile Mental Health Team
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