Sustaining our system of care efforts

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2012 is going to be an exciting year to say the least, with major elections, health care reform and budget challenges for all. And yet, in the midst of all of this "excitement" we have some amazing things taking place in system of care communities across the state. We also face challenges that may keep us up at night. This forum is a place where we can share both our success and our challenge as we work tirelessly (whatever happened to 9 - 5?) to improve services and supports for children and youth with mental health challenges and their families.

Okay, that's quite a starter list! The point is that we are a group of passionate and committed professionals, policy makers, families and youth who share a common goal of incorporating the values and principles of a systems of care approach into the design and delivery of services to families.

Let us hear from you. Let's get the dialogue started!


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    Change definitely seems to be the theme in the health care arena for 2012 with emergence/roll out of Health Homes and Regional Behavioral Health Organizations. At the same time these changes present an opportunity for System of Care as the values are very much in line with an integrated model of care. What are communities doing or see as opportunities to promote the alignment of System of Care with these changes in health care?
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