You are the World

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Check out the amazing new music video entitled “You are the World”  – put together by Rob Morton (a singer and advocate for behavioral health in KY) and the Statewide Youth Council through Kentucky Partnership for Families and Children.  Some of the young adults in the video are members of Kentucky’s Statewide Youth Council.


YOU ARE THE WORLD from Rob Morton on Vimeo.


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    I love this video it inspires and gives hope to our young adults. I am so very proud of the work being done by KPFC Youth Leadership.
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    Emmett Dennis
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    Thanks to the Children's Mental Health Network and the young people for this exemplary positive message...
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    melissa peck
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    the video was awsome go matthew
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    I've seen this a few times already and every time I get goosebumps. Thanks Rob and Kentucky Partnership for Families and Children, Inc. Statewide Youth Council for creating this video!
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