YOGA SAVES: Urban teens on yoga, inner city life, and gangs

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Urban youths find health and hope through yoga practice and lifestyle. Former gang members and foster home kids find a way to deal with emotions.

Special Thanks to Paul Savery, Durham, North Carolina for this thought-provoking contribution. Well done!

Want more research evidence on the benefits of yoga? Transformative Life/Leadership Skills (TLS) is a multi-modality intervention including Mindful Yoga, Breathing Techniques and Meditation, and an immersive experience in dynamic mindfulness. Independent researchers in educational psychology, neurobiology, social welfare and youth development are investigating the effects of Transformative Life/Leadership Skills (TLS) on vulnerable youth. "Students showed lower levels of perceived stress and greater levels of self-control, school engagement, emotional awareness, distress tolerance and altered attitude towards violence."


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    This is a phenonmenal idea. Mindfulness yoga can goa long way in the lives of adults so why not teach meditation, yoga, etc. to youth especially those in communities that are saturated with stressful events. Best initative/project I have read about in years!
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