Transgender Teen Shares Powerful Message

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Corey Maison said she always knew in her heart that she was a female.

The 14-year-old transgender teen describes herself as unique, outgoing, funny and has dreams of one day becoming a supermodel. But for now, Corey's main focus is sharing her story of how she's overcome bullying, in the hopes of supporting others who face the same obstacle.
"We're not a threat," Corey wrote to ABC News. "We are just like any other kids. We only want people to accept and love us for who we are."


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    George Patrin
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    Beautiful person, beautiful story. Hooray for the Parents. Hooray for the Principal and Teachers. Hooray for Corey!! {:0)>%
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    Angela Lowder
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    Many best wishes to Corey, her parents, her family, and her community. And HOORAY for her current principal. It will be a great day in this country when all transgender children, teens, and adults are accepted and loved like Corey is now.
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