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We are thrilled to have a new member of the Children's Mental Health Network - Mr. Garrett Grab. Garrett has produced a most amazing video sharing his story. Garrett describes it as "A part of me I would like to share. Speak out! Your story might change someone else's." Young adults are most amazing and our country is blessed with an upcoming generation that "gets it." We are indeed a collective voice, folks. Watch the video here.


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    Congratulations, Garret, for ur incredible courage, speaking loudly without audible WORDS! Although I was never abused sexually, I knew from an early age that I was bisexual, which was considered weirder than being gay! In high school I was called all those names like u. I hope that u can trust males, and despite ur bad experience, u can objectively discern, feel, learn, express and accept whatever ur sexual orientation may be or become--free from the slap in the face u got as a child that left u almost helpless to choose ur future direction in the world of human love, affection and nurturing.
    I am sure that ur courage will make u one of the best guides in the world for ur nursing patients, many of whom have gone through what u and I have in our childhood years. I have studied several fields of nursing including psychiatric nursing, which I find to be the most challenging of all. Probably u would have a gift to later specialize in this field also. U do not have to disclose ur own experience to ur patients, but u may do that on a discretionary basis when u feel it will help them to understand where u are coming from. Even in general hospital nursing, u will run across patients with whom u will immediately identify, and ur desire to help them out of the same ditch u fell into will cause u to rise to the occasion, no matter what ur superiors may think of ur position. Let the truth set them free, too, just like it did u, brother.
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    I loved it Garret. And by sharing and having a skelaton free closed...we become free, and I have found instead of being a beacon for "dark incidents" continuing to happen...we evolve as a portal to others to share that which has bound them. Mental Illness strikes 1 in 5 children and until we are open to being open...then suffering will continue long past a need to remain a secret. Your SMILE was worth the goosebumps and gulp of emotional elation!
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    Thank you, Garrett, for sharing your powerful message of love and healing.
    I'm really sorry for the things your cousin did, as well as the people who bullied you. You, like all children, deserved love, compassion, respect and safety.
    I really glad that you can speak up and make a better life for yourself now.

    I also am a man who was sexually abused as a child. I also have made a life of helping people now. I have transformed most of the trauma that was in me, and now do motivational speaking and guiding positive change.

    Heal on, my friend!
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    What an amazing message and video! Garret, you are strong, articulate and are making a vital impact. Thanks for sharing this video.
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    that was awesome! So powerful Thank you Garret!
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    Thank you for sharing this and Thank you to Garret for sharing his story.
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    What an amazing, resilient young man. Thank you for sharing your story and encouraging others to do so. We have a shared mission of moving victims of abuse to survivors of abuse. We also provide Stewards of Children, a research-based Child Sexual Abuse Prevention program to teach the community the facts and how to prevent sex abuse from occurring. I highly recommend it! Thanks to the Network for sharing this in your newsletter!
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