"Evan" - Sandy Hook Promise PSA

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Please visit the Sandy Hook Promise website to learn more about what you can do to prevent gun violence.


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    George D Patrin
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    This makes sense. Know the signs of possible violence. Be willing to see it...and be willing to get involved. Now...once we recognize the signs, is there an agreed upon process in place to respond, is there really someone available to refer this student to, today? I suggest the best person, after alerting the school psychologist (if they have one), would be their primary care provider (if they have one) who work with an integrated behavioral health care specialist on the same team. Unfortunately, I see misinterpretation privacy guidelines preventing just such a response, and we have been unwilling to talk about this when mental health care is involved. We operate in silos, everyday, and suffer the consequences, every day. When are we really gping to start talking about this, out in the open, and integrate our resources, decreasing costs and improving outcomes?
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