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selbyA hallmark of PCORI's work from our earliest days is our commitment to engaging a broad range of healthcare stakeholders in the process of shaping our research funding and other activities. One way we do this is through our Advisory Panels, which provide guidance on everything from refining and prioritizing research questions for potential funding to offering feedback on the design of clinical trials and to engaging patients as partners in research.

We're now in the process of accepting applications and nominations for new members for four of these panels: Healthcare Delivery and Disparities Research, Patient Engagement, Clinical Trials, and Rare Disease. If you are interested in serving, or would like to nominate someone else to do so, we're accepting applications and nominations until Friday, March 3. Details on what each panel is seeking in its members can be found here.

The application process includes submitting a personal statement for volunteers (i.e., self-nominees) or letters of endorsements for nominees, in both cases describing the individual's background and experience. We then conduct a three-step review and selection process to ensure a good mix of representation from stakeholder groups before our Board reviews and approves the appointments.

One of our core beliefs is that soliciting input from across the healthcare community, and incorporating it into all of the work we fund, will ensure that the questions and outcomes our awardees study are those that matter most to patients and those who care for them.  We find that the collaboration on these panels of patients, clinicians, researchers, and representatives of health systems, insurers, employers and manufacturers, is particularly enriching. We're looking for "all of the above;" details on exactly which representatives are being sought for each panel are found

The value of the input and guidance our advisory panels provide us is not only apparent in the research funding decisions we make but in the growing collection of findings emerging from the studies we've funded. These take the form of articles published in leading medical journals and the fast-growing collection of abstracts we post on PCORI's website summarizing our awardees' work after it completes our legally mandated peer review process.

I hope you'll take a look at these abstracts. When you do, you'll see we provide summaries of the results in lay language as well as technical language, fulfilling our pledge to publicly release research findings in a way the public, as well as clinicians and other healthcare providers, can easily use.

We look forward to continuing this inclusive approach to producing information that will help patients and those who care for them make better-informed health and healthcare decisions. I hope you'll be part of that effort by volunteering to serve on one of our Advisory Panels. And, as always, thanks for your continued support.

Joe Selby, MD, MPH
Executive Director

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