Why it is important to keep up with Carolyn Clancy of the AHRQ

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More than a few Network faithful have emailed me asking why in the heck I continue to encourage you to read messages that Dr. Carolyn Clancy posts on the AHRQ website. The answer is simple. The future for children's mental health lies in better integration with public health and she continually offers great information about how physicians and care providers are working together to improve care for individuals. Is there enough discussion about children's mental health? Not nearly, but the concepts and approaches are ones that children's mental health advocates are not only familiar with but are experts at. Get involved with your public health counterparts folks. It is the future, and oh by the way - the future is here.

So here it is - her latest blog post. Read it, check out what the AHRQ is up to, and think about ways to get more involved.

Carolyn Clancy, M.D., Director, AHRQAHRQ Director Carolyn Clancy, M.D., has prepared brief, easy-to-understand advice columns for consumers to help navigate the health care system. They will address important issues such as how to recognize high-quality health care, how to be an informed health care consumer, and how to choose a hospital, doctor, and health plan. Check back regularly for new columns. Dr. Clancy, a general internist and researcher, is an expert in engaging consumers in their health care.


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    Tools, protocols!!.....do we need medical schools to teach students how to become doctors or should we just start up "TOOL SCHOOLS" where you can learn how to use tools to treat a patient?

    Isn't it ironic that Doctors who could not be good clinicians, then go to research and administration and start making tools/protocols for other clinicians telling them how to treat patients?

    If you want to make a change to healthcare, concentrate on medical schools where students are taught on how to become good doctors. Making tools and protocols not only kills the art of medicine but also dormants the brain of clinicians.
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    Go Dr. C! Really appreciate your common sense and laymen's terms for helping our "end-users" know "what right looks like" when utilizing healthcare services. Being patient-centered also means educating our users on what to expect, and yes, demand. This way they can make informed decisions on choosing Providers and Facilities. Great review of avoidable hospitalizations issue.
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