Specific strategies for talking with your kids about the tragedy in Connecticut

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halfmastGreetings faithful readers. Our hearts are saddened by the senseless violence that took place at a Connecticut elementary school. The news of this tragedy is unfolding and we will certainly be weighing in as more details emerge. Keep the families of those lost, the teachers and children who witnessed the horror, and the first responders close to your heart.

Here is some great advice from Jeffrey Rowe, MD, Clinical Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego. Thanks to Network Advisory Council member Alfredo Aguirre for sharing this information.

What parents should talk about with children:

There are a number of additional great resources available to help you talk with children that we are posting on the Network website.


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    Teresa King
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    Thank you for posting these helpful tips as conversation starters. As always help people understand its okay to seek professional help when life circumstances seem overwhelming.
    Family Advocate
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    Kevin McClure
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    LESS is better as we don't want to traumatize or re-traumatize youth. Remember that Adults COPE with their emotions with more information, Youth tend to be more emotionally triggered by information that is difficult to process. Be sure not to 'label' the event when you talk with non-localized youth as traumatic, dangerous, scary, and let the youth guide you forward in what they ask and need. Contact a trained children's mental health provider for further guidance!!!

    Kevin J McClure, LCPC, NCC, CPSP, CFPP
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