Palau celebrates “Leaders as Clowns” for Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day

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Morning Zen Guest Blog Post ~ Jasmine Vergara
Update from Children's Mental Health Awareness Day, Long Island Park, Koror Palau!

The Ministry of Health offers young children, youth, and young adults with mental health and substance use challenges in the Republic of Palau, the services and supports they need to meet their goals at home, at school, and in the community.

The Behavioral Health Division and the Palau Behavioral Health Advisory Council, led the 2nd National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day at the Long Island Park Carnival to highlight the importance of positive mental health.

Our theme this year was on “Building Resilience and Positive Support." Our focus on positive mental health was inspired by the “Leaders as Clowns” article from a recent Children's Mental Health Network Morning Zen post by Dr. George Patrin, pediatrician, veteran and globetrotting clown spreading the message of positive mental health.

We partnered with the Ministry of Education in inviting students from different schools to attend the event. We had a huge turnout of over 300 children and close to 200 adults. Wow!

Enjoy the photographs from our most successful Children's Mental Health Awareness Day event!





























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Jasmine Vergara, MD, is a Consultant Psychiatrist at the Behavioral Health Division, Bureau of Public Health, Ministry of Health, Palau. Jasmine is one of our favorite "Network faithful" and is one of those "atypical" psychiatrists, who continues to learn and discover great and new possibilities, while always focusing on finding ways to improve services for the amazing youth and families she works with each and every day.


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    Jasmine Vergara, M.D.
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    Awwww.. Thank you so much Scott!! I was the Acting Chief during that week only, as our Chief Everlynn, was off island to attend a conference in DC.. I'm currently a Consultant Psychiatrist for the Division. =)

    Thank you Dr. George Patrin! We all had fun wearing the red nose.. =)
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    George Patrin, MD/MHA, San Antonio, TX
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    Wonderful! I'm honored. Great work! {:O)%
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