Over the age of 18 and have experienced restraint and seclusion? Your voice is needed

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I am working with a group of people (Action to Keep Students Safe) who are developing a campaign to support passage of the Keeping All Students Safe Act. This Act addresses the misuse of restraint and seclusion in our country's schools.  

There have been hundreds of documented incidents in which children have been abused, and some even died, as a result of misuses of seclusion and restraint in public and private schools. In many schools, these practices were used disproportionately with children with disabilities and students of color. State regulations and oversight vary greatly and have often failed to protect children and there are currently no federal laws that address how and when restraint or seclusion can be used in schools. It is impossible to determine the full scope of this problem because there is currently no consistent reporting of data. (From the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.) 

We urgently need to find 4-5 young adults who experienced restraint and seclusion while they were in school. They must be ages 18+ so they can speak of their own accord about their experience, although a family member may be present with them. This is a time sensitive request as we need to hear from them as soon as possible.

If you know of a young adult who would be willing to discuss their experience with restraint and seclusion while in school please contact me or have the individual contact me for more information at scott@cmhnetwork.org.

Thank you,

Scott Bryant-Comstock
President & CEO
Children's Mental Health Network 


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