NeuroLeader Master Class - nurture your prefrontal and tame the limbic!

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pictureGreetings Network faithful. We are now three weeks into the NeuroLeader Master Class being conducted by the effervescent duo of Paul McFadden and Laurie Ellington of Zero Point LeadershipI have to say that if they are successful in getting me to change my behavior, well, then, they ought to get a medal or somethin'. Network faithful who know me well understand that I can be a bit stubborn at times... Though I have never noticed it myself...

In the third week, like the preceding weeks, insights have been overflowing. I think the best way to describe the process of learning is that everything I thought I knew about successful leaders (Type A, hard-driving, sleep deprived role models that they are) I should just throw out the window. 

The vexing part of this neuroleader course is that Paul and Laurie keep throwing in these pesky cutting edge brain studies that point out in graphic detail what happens to the brain when we don't take care of it. In other words, all of the leadership courses you and I have taken up to this point, aren't worth a hill of beans if we aren't taking care of the hard-wired system that is "us."

The course is fascinating in that, like cooking an amazing pot of stew on a slow simmer, if you want it right, you have got to give it time. And this course does just that. With any other leadership course, I would have been done weeks ago and would most likely be back to my old cantankerous ways, not even bothering to look in the rearview mirror.

As it is now, I am still a cantankerous old curmudgeon, but am beginning to soften around the edges (perish the thought). Biggest change this week? An amazing 6 hours of sleep per night for seven days in a row. And if you dig into the brain research, my old noggin' is gonna love me for it.

Lesson for this week? Show your prefrontal cortex some Network love and tame that limbic system, baby!

Confused? Watch this clip from Big Bang theory and you will get what I'm talkin' about:


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