NeuroLeader Master Class - Behavior change ain't easy

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pictureGreetings Network faithful. As promised, here is my first journal entry chronicling the first two weeks of my participation in the NeuroLeader Master Class being conducted by the effervescent duo of Paul McFadden and Laurie Ellington of Zero Point Leadership.

You can read about the course here.

My, my, my... where to begin...

1st orientation call 
I was impressed with the materials sent to me in advance of the call. The Master Class Participant Manual is comprehensive and well organized. Plus, I have a nifty emWave2 which I can't wait to try out. The group I am in is a mixture of health professionals, including a fellow Network faithful. Whoop to the whoop on that one! 

After introducing ourselves to each other Paul and Lori walk us through the course, what we can expect and what tasks to focus on first. Oh man, can't wait to get started on this exciting journey!

After the call
Oh wait, you want to know what happened after the call? Hmmm... Well, I got busy, and promptly turned my attention to the million other things that I tend to let dominate my life. Tuesday became Wednesday, and Wednesday became Thursday.

Thursday reminder
And then on Thursday evening this email pops up, full of encouragement and a reminder to set my intentions, review my progress... Oh boy. I stop what I am working on (Friday Update), pull out the manual and speed ball the assignments.

I can hear Laurie and Paul groaning as I write this. Well, more like encouraging, nudging, and reflecting on how to make this successful. Curse you positivity! 

Joys of the second week
We are now into the second week, and our faithful leaders have thrown us another positivity curve - group coaching. You know, where participants in the course work with each other discussing the exercises, supporting each others development, offering encouragement and support. But wait a minute! I am still like a whirling dervish, with a schedule that defies reason, leaving me feeling like the guy who spun plates on the Ed Sullivan Show (look it up, youngin's). Oh no, another speed balling of the assignments before a 4 pm call with my peers. Arrgghh!!!

Reflections so far
When I agreed to journal my experience with the Neuroleadership Master Class, I had a sense my initial entries would look something like what I have written. I know myself fairly well, and I do love to flit about, as they say. But what I didn't expect was the underlying forces at work, that are gently massaging my senses, speaking to me softly about taking some zen time for myself. The darned blog is called "Morning Zen" for goodness sakes!

The biggest impact so far is the subtlety of the approach. Behavior change ain't easy and whompin' me over the head with it won't work. And this experience is anything but a whomp on the head. This leadership experience is more like the feeling you get when lying down on a lake shoreline, where the gentle waves rhythmically lap at your feet, reminding you with each warm splash of water, of what is most important.

No reading stories of high flying "leadership" from such luminaries as Jack Welch or Lee Iacocca (we all know how that one worked out). Just a gentle focus on the power within all of us to make a significant change in our approach to the world.

Next steps
A call with my peers today where I will be honest about the journey so far. I'm thinkin' this is shaping up to be a 'tortoise and the hare' story. Stay tuned Network faithful. And be sure to send along some positive intentions!

One final note 
The readings and exercises so far are focused on the messages I send to myself, and I will say they are beginning to enter my consciousness on a more regular basis. But it will be a journey, which is why I love the fact that this is a multi-week experience. When I think of the leadership experiences I have gone through before, with case studies, lessons from successful leaders, all crammed into a few days, no wonder that type of approach tends not to have a lasting effect. True change takes time, and ya gotta let it simmer if it is gonna taste good when it's time to eat!

And finally, a tasty treat for Network faithful
Since one of the areas of focus for me during this course is sleep (since I tend not to make that a priority), here is some food for thought on the subject:  


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