Is it time to move on from the health care debate? No way!

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"When the Supreme Court rules, we have a final answer the law is constitutional; it stands," White House chief of staff Jack Lew said on "Fox News Sunday." "One thing the American people want is for the divisive debate on health care to stop... I don't think the American people want to have this debate again," Lew insisted. "I don't think they want to be pulled back into decades of debate to get to where we are. ... We need to move on and deal with the economy and jobs."

Okay Network faithful, we get it. This is politics and politicians will do what they do. But remember that the Children's Mental Health Network is focused on the best outcome for youth with serious emotional challenges and their families. We cannot afford to "move on." For us, the health care debate remains just as vibrant and real as it would have been had the Supreme Court ruled the other way. Why? We still have huge issues looming before us, including assuring, among other things, that:

The education about the benefits of health reform and the debate about what is most important to include is far from over. Pull up your britches and dig in. It's gonna be a long summer.


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