Healing Voices the Perfect Choice for Your Next Mental Health Awareness Event

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I recently reviewed the film HEALINGVOICES. What a treat! In a time when peer support and self-directed approaches to dealing with mental illness are under attack, this film offers a breath of fresh air, taking a personal look at those who choose to rely on themselves and peers to help navigate the ups and downs of mental illness. What is most refreshing is that the film acknowledges the importance of a continuum approach (from hospitalization to peer support) in addressing mental illness. But unlike much of the political discussions about mental health reform that have taken place over the past few years that have repeatedly denigrated the peer support movement, this film embraces and supports personal journies through mental illness in a way that incorporates humanity and hope for those with mental illness.

I often get asked for recommendations for films that communities can use to stimulate discussion about mental health. HEALINGVOICES is a film I would highly recommend. Got a community mental health awareness event coming up? Check out HEALINGVOICES and bring it to your town. Your neighbors, colleagues and those dealing with mental illness will be glad you did.


There are three specific things you can do to help support the distribution of this film:

  1. Buy/rent the movie. This can be done directly through www.healingvoicesmovie.com

  2. Organize a community event. This requires a screening license. Information about screening licenses can be found at www.healingvoicesmovie.com. Digital Eyes Film provides hands-on support in helping you to organize a quality event with a community dialogue following the event.  

  3. Take the Pledge to be a Healing Voice. This can be done at www.healingvoicesmovie.com or by sending an email to heal@voices.fyi. Pledges are personal commitments to take actions, whether they be big or small.  

Go to the HEALINGVOICES website and get started!

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 Scott Bryant-Comstock
President & CEO
Children's Mental Health Network


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