Peer Youth Advocates project needs your help

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Network faithful:

In our continuing quest for relentless education on successful strategies for improving services and supports for emerging adults, please pay special attention to the following request for information:

The Peer Youth Advocates (PYAs) project is looking for relevant literature addressing the needs of young adults with current or prior mental health challenges who have received services through a child-serving system (e.g., mental health, child welfare; juvenile justice, special education) and who work adjunctively within the child mental health system.

This project aims to synthesize existing literature about PYAs, to identify outcomes associated with PYA-led services, and to build a foundation for more rigorous research in this area. However, because this is a new area of research, they are also interested in learning about projects not yet published in academic journals. If you have any type of document available about PYAs, peer mentoring, or peers delivering services, they would appreciate you sharing them with them to be part of the study. Documents shared by you or your organization will kept confidential and will not be used outside of the purposes of this project.

The project is looking for information on: literature that focuses on interventions and services targeting youth ages 25 years old or below who are struggling with an emotional or behavioral difficulty, including diagnosed mental disorders, trauma symptoms, substance abuse, and manifesting symptoms of mental health disorder; and peer-delivered services for youth by youth where service providers have personal experience with a mental health condition and/or child-serving system.

If you have questions please contact:

Let's help them out folks. The more we collect and share information about what works for emerging adults the more likely we are to see funding for successful programming efforts increase.

Scott Bryant-Comstock
President & CEO
Children's Mental Health Network


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