Background information for the Children's Mental Health Network comments to HHS on the Essential Health Benefits Bulletin:

In a December bulletin, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) proposed to give states wide discretion to set their own essential health benefits (EHB) standard for health plans sold through the new exchanges. However, there are challenges ahead for children's mental health supporters in an approach that does not have a clear-cut, comprehensive federal standard to help guide the process. It is our belief that if left up solely to the states, we could see significant disparities in coverage.

1. Support the Inclusion of a Wide Array of  Mental Health Benefits and an Expanded Work Force to Carry Them Out

2. Do not allow a "Minimum Standard"

3. Support the "Plus"  in the "Plus Ten" Approach

4. Require a uniform set of national benefits

Utilization Management

Medical necessity Requirements

EHB Standard for Children

Coverage of Preventive Health Services

Transparent and Inclusive Process for Developing EHB Standards

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