Insight from the SAMHSA Advisory Meeting - Shaping our focus...

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Thanks to all of the Children's Mental Health Network members who listened in on the August 16th SAMHSA Advisory Committees meeting. (Note: We will post transcripts of the meeting as soon as we receive them). As always, your support is much appreciated. Since that meeting, we’ve had some interesting dialogues that resulted in creating a list of short-term priorities. Some are about us and some are about how to help SAMHSA move forward. Read about our priority focus areas and see how you might get involved and support the effort…

Children's Mental Health Network – Priority Areas of Focus

 Keep it Up

Getting Our House in Order

Supporting Others to Get Their House in Order

As you can see, we have much to do. If you want to be a part of the dialogue that is helping to shape our message, sign up and become a member of the Children's Mental Health Network, share your comments, follow our Tweets and RSS feed and become involved.

Scott Bryant-Comstock
Executive Director
Children's Mental Health Network


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    Good job, Scott, at synthesizing important directions!
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