At the end of the day SAMHSA is family and family sticks together...

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Followers of the Children's Mental Health Network know full well that we have been less than enamored with the level of prominence of children's mental health in the broader scope of SAMHSA planning efforts, specifically relating to one of the flagship programs - the Children's Mental Health Initiative - but that is for another discussion. What's important right at this moment is that SAMHSA could benefit from our support and we need to rally.

Here's what's up:

What You Can Do

Please urge your Senators and Representative to:

Okay, got it? Go to our "Find your representatives in Congress page", enter your zip code and send your Representative a strong message of support for keeping SAMHSA funding levels where they are.  It's bad enough as it is!


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    Please consider rejecting deep cuts to the mental health budget for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) as proposed by the House Appropriations committee. As a parent of child with a disability and the director of a family support program with a small grant to serve families whose children are affected by mental health issues, I can attest to the importance of receiving community supports to keep our children in the community. It is these SAMHSA funded programs that help reduce the long term costs for children and keep them out of the adult mental health and corrections systems .

    Thank you for your work in congress and your attention to my concerns.
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