Friday Update 7-25-14

Greetings faithful readers. I hear from so many of you that you love Friday Update but don't take the time to watch the opening videos. Oh my, oh my, are you ever missin' it! Life is about celebrating the little moments of joy, so treat yourself and watch our offering this week. The 1,000 Miles of Luca celebrates the love of a father and son, and the recognition that our differences help define the beauty and strength within. Put the "In Conference" sign on the door, close it, and give yourself the gift of nine minutes to watch this video. Then, and only then, get to readin' Friday Update!

Most important reads for this week 

CMHNetwork is bringing both sides of the AOT discussion together for conversation with congressional staff
CMHNetwork representatives had productive discussions last week with staff from the offices of Representatives Murphy and Barber. Our focus was to continue our ongoing discussion about the efforts of members of Congress who are looking for areas of compromise between two mental health bills (HR 3717 and HR 4574) currently in committee. To further drive home how serious we are about modeling rational discussion and expanded understanding of differing positions, we invited both Representatives and their staff to observe a conversation between a small group of dedicated advocates from differing perspectives on the use of Assisted Outpatient Treatment. The purpose of the meeting is not to come up with an "answer" or decision on which approach is better, but simply to create an environment of civil discussion and maybe a bit more insight among participants about the perspective of others. We will keep Network faithful updated as planning for the meeting develops. 

Energy picks up on both sides of the debate over HR 3717 - The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act of 2013
It has been a busy week for those both for and against HR 3717, the "Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act of 2013." We are featuring calls to action both for and against to stay consistent with our approach of giving all sides an opportunity to express their opinion on the CMHNetwork website. In addition to the calls for action, we are also making readers aware of a new organization with strong roots in the advocacy position for passage of HR 3717. As always Network faithful, explore all sides, do your homework, and make informed decisions.

USF Master of Science (MS) Degree in Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health is online and accepting applications 
The University of South Florida continues to lead the way in preparing a knowledgeable workforce in children's mental health services. Be sure to check out their new Master of Science (MS) degree in Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health. The degree prepares professionals to serve in public and non-profit agencies and schools that work with diverse children and adolescents experiencing behavioral health challenges and their families. Educational opportunities include advancement to doctoral programs in public health and the behavioral and social sciences. Let's see… yep, the next step is to apply! This master's degree program looks to be a great educational opportunity for Network faithful. 

Investing today in tomorrow's adults: The triumph's & challenges of NC's emerging adults 
Let's give a hometown shoutout to the Becoming Initiative in Durham, North Carolina, which is also home base for the Children's Mental Health Network, where Friday Update simmers at a slow boil each and every Friday. Be sure to check out Becoming's upcoming statewide conference for those serving transition age youth. Local, state and national presenters, wonderful sessions and more. The conference looks like a good one, and heck, if you make the trip, be sure to take some time to stop by the CMHNetwork bunker and enjoy the rockers on the front porch, sip a little ice tea, and of course - read ya a double scoop of Friday Update!

Journey to Adulthood presentation at the Georgetown Training Institutes now online 
If you weren't able to attend the Georgetown Training Institutes, you can watch one of the featured plenary sessions online. "Journey to Adulthood" featured federal officials, transition-age researchers and youth advocates in an engaging talk-show format. The discussion explored emerging issues among young adults in transition (ages 18–25) including employment, housing, education, juvenile justice, and peer support.  Watch it now! 

Taking stock of the Affordable Care Act: What does the data tell us? 
Tune in live with the Urban Institute's Health Policy Center for a discussion of new findings from the Health Reform Monitoring Survey (HRMS) on changes in health coverage, access, and use; experiences with the Marketplaces; and characteristics of the remaining uninsured. Since the beginning of the first open enrollment period in October 2013, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has produced major changes in how millions of Americans are getting health insurance. The Urban Institute is a great resource for keeping you up to date on ACA rollout efforts. 

Webinar to address persistent barriers for Latino enrollment in ACA programs 
Speaking of the ACA landscape, Latinos comprise the largest percentage of uninsured persons in the nation and yet during the first open enrollment period in the Marketplace, and Latinos enrolled in much fewer numbers than anticipated.  Thoughts about the challenges and barriers facing Latinos for enrollment were shared during recent community discussions in Texas, Florida and California—three states where there are a large number of uninsured Latinos.  Check out this upcoming webinar to learn more about the persistent barriers facing Latinos in enrolling in health coverage through the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This webinar is for community-based organizations, government agencies, peer navigators, and private foundations, and is sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). 


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Scott Bryant-Comstock
President & CEO 

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